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ProgramFacilities and Services

This is a TBS business unit that focuses on developing and managing facilities and service activities for meeting or training venues with various room capacities, lodging rooms, laundry, and other public facilities. In addition, it provides various wedding packages (indoor and outdoor), catering (individuals and institutions), as well as building management and maintenance.
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Wisma Hijau, is a place that offers a cool and lush atmosphere in the middle of the bustling city of Depok. Based on ideals to advance Indonesia through community empowerment programs, Bina Swadaya, parent of Wisma Hijau in 1982 built a training place, as a candradimuka area for community empowerment activists to be trained and deployed to the community as part of the community mobilization undergraduate program.

Over time and changes in internal management and government policies, Wisma Hijau was opened for general education and training activities in 1994. And in 1997, its management was separated from the Bina Swadaya Training Program and became its business unit. It was also a milestone in the founding of the Wisma Hijau Activity unit.

The establishment of PT Bina Sarana Swadaya in 2008 further strengthened Wisma Hijau’s position to be able to participate and play a role in the development and improvement of human capacity through the provision of educational training facilities that prioritize the principles of social entrepreneurship. This is realized by doing business that is profitable in a fair manner to stakeholders, does not harm the community and employees, and does not damage the environment (Based on “profit, people, planet).


To become a company that is recognized for its excellence in providing environmentally friendly learning facilities and infrastructure with the best service.


  1. Providing environmentally friendly learning facilities and infrastructure
  2. Provide excellent service
  3. Be an integral part of local community development
  4. Expanding the range of services in a sustainable manner

HubungiFasilitas dan Pelayanan

Jl. Mekarsari Raya No.15,
Mekarsari, Kec. Cimanggis,
Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16452
(021) 8729062

ProgramsFacilities and Services

There are several of our supporting products and services, which have received several awards and have several excellent programs
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Meeting Room

Wisma Hijau provides meeting rooms in various capacities. Starting from a capacity of 20 people to a capacity of 200 people. Wisma Hijau also provides various meeting packages to suit your needs.

Room and Accommodation

A bungalow or cottage is a house with 4 bedrooms with 2 toilets. There are a total of 37 Bungalow rooms, each of which has a living room with Television, Dispenser, Sofa, and WIfi/Hotspot facilities.


Trust Wisma Hijau To Handle Your Events! Your event is almost starting, but still confused about finding a recommended catering service, at an affordable price and offering many choices? Don’t worry, Wisma Hijau can meet your various refreshments needs. Wisma Hijau also provides a wide range of snacks assortments for you


Plan Your Wedding with Wisma Hijau. The day you become husband and wife is one of the best days of your life that will create an unforgettable experience. On this day, everything has to be perfect.


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