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Bina Swadaya is an institution that concerns in community empowerment activities nationwide, having its root in the Pancasila socio-economic movement during the 1950’s. The movement’s goal was to eradicate poverty and strengthen community’s self-reliance.

In its development Bina Swadaya has transformed itself to improve the quality of implementation of programs for social and sustainable in Indonesia. Bina Swadaya has transformed into a social entrepreneurship institution and keep striving for being self-reliant, and carry out community empowerment programs in various part of the country.



To become a social entrepreneurship institution recoqnized for its pioneership and excellence in community empowerment.


  • Encouraging and enhancing the empowerment of poor and marginalized communities in socio-economic aspects through facilitations: building capacities, developing institution, and getting access to resources.
  • Influencing development policies to take better empathy to marginalized and poor people.
  • Developing innovations for the benefit of marginalized and poor people.
  • Developing partnership with many different parties to upgrade the capacity public services.
  • Maintaining the self-reliance and sustainability of the institution.
Trubus Bina Swadaya

Services Provision

To care for and try to help people as well as to preserve and improve the environment is a noble calling for humanity. Trubus Bina Swadaya's business/business program is a means to fulfill this noble calling.
Knowledge Management and Publications
Media management/information services is done through publication of the Trubus agriculture magazine and book publications by Penebar Swadaya and Puspa Swara, both in hard printing and digital forms.
Facilities and Services
Venues and other facilities for meeting,seminars, workshops are provided by developing Wisma Hijau facilities at Bina Swadaya’s training center.
Agribusiness and Plants Shop
Marketing of agriculture products and production tools is done by developing Trubus Shop.
Microfinance support is implemented through Koperasi Bina Swadaya Nusantara (a cooperative established by Bina Swadaya to serve women micro entrepreurs) and micro-banking.
Training, Facilitation, Research
The community empowerment support program is carried out through SHG empowerment in the aspect of microfinance development, agriculture, health, and environment.
Social, Humanitarian and Emergency Response
The development of outlook and skills to anticipate and mitigate disasters is done in a planned, integrated and organized manner.

There are three focuses of TBS as a social entrepreneurship institution to realize its vision and mission

Developing the Community

by providing training as well as empowering stakeholders or stakeholders, both the government and the private sector, in overcoming social, economic, and environmental problems.

Developing Social Entrepreneurship

that involves the community, both around the service area and throughout Indonesia.

Continue to share

and carry out social, humanitarian, and disaster emergency response activities on a local, regional and national scale.

Synergy and collaboration are driving factors for TBS to continue to serve the community

For TBS, a sustainable business will encourage good growth for itself and other parties such as stakeholders, as well as being sensitive to the needs of the community.

Therefore, all products and services produced by Trubus Bina Swadaya have direct and indirect impacts, both on communities around Trubus Bina Swadaya locations and project locations (activities) in various regions of Indonesia. That way, TBS will be more contributive and provide the best service for mutual progress without anyone being left behind or marginalized.

TBS has become a trusted social entrepreneurship institution, both on a regional, national and international scale. TBS work has received recognition from various parties, both government and private (national and international).

With the power and joint efforts of various parties, TBS is one of the social entrepreneurship institutions that can continue to exist in Indonesia and the world. TBS continues to empower and develop according to the changing times.

Synergy and collaboration are keys for TBS to continue to serve the community. In line with that, TBS collaborates with various parties who have the same vision and mission to achieve a bigger and noble common goal.


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